Christin H

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  • Code Enforcement Archiviato
    Cr 1 & Tampa Rd Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    This particular area has become flooded with illegal snipe and portable signs. Please remove.
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    2293 E Orangehill Ave Palm Harbor/Pinellas, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Home was recently purchased and gutted. Items including a TV are still laying out in the lawn. Also, the front of the home is missing paint and the front lawn is barren. It brings surrounding property values down. Please do whatever you can!
  • Code Enforcement Archiviato
    2293 E. Orangehill Ave Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor


    There is a large dumpster parked at this property and there is trash and outdoor storage laying around on the driveway and the front yard. The house overall looks like a dump and is not maintained.