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  • 15 N Pennsylvania Ave Mason City, IA, 50401, USA - Mason City
    We at River City Apartments are now using the small back door to go to the dumpster and snow is blocking us from going that way. We appreciate it if you would remove it and not put it there anymore--thank you.
  • South Of 15 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    It is a overgrown tree on Henkel Const. Property south of River City Apartments-----tree is hanging low over the sidewalk. Really needs a good trimmimg---if we get a lot of rain one will not be able to use the sidewalk---this is an ongoing issue, nothing has been resolved about it. Thank you.
  • East State Street Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    East of the Brick n' Tile building the alley is closed but someone is putting snow on the sidewalk also. Yesterday I had to walk to the Brick n' Tile building with my walker and had to go out in the street to get around the snow that is blocking the sidewalk. I hope you can resolve this issue for me and anyone else trying to use that sidewalk. Thank you.
  • Potholes Archived
    Madison Ave And 12th Street North Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Transit goes down the allies to get to the group homes by the 12th Street bridge. The allies have a lot of potholes. It would be nice to get them filled in--thank you for your time.
  • Other Archived
    N Penn. Ave. And 1st St Ne Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Just wondering if they have some kind of code to go by, as the sign is going all night and flashes and is very bright. It would be nice if they had a timer on this sign. Thank You.
  • 15 N Pennsylvania Ave. Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Henkel Construction has a low hanging tree on Pennsylvania Ave., you can't even walk on the sidewalk one has to walk around it. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thank you. Becky