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  • 20 Elm Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    The trash receptacle at the corner of Elm and Stockton blocks the sidewalk/cycling path. I almost hit it with my handlebar mirror. Have to be careful at that location since there is a sharp drop off possibly dumping a rider onto the highway.
  • 166 Stockton Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Sections of the sidewalk/cycling path on west side of Stockton Street north of Elm not maintained and now very narrow and slippery with leaves. Cyclists should exercise caution to avoid falling. It is never maintained and I have seen people walk on 206 in winter when the sidewalk is snow-blocked. This is a long-standing issue. In the past I notified Public Works who came by to clean up.
  • 207 Edgerstoune Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Storm drain on Edgerstoune across street from 207 driveway is broken. The guard piece is dangling and needs to be reattached.