Animal Control Officer/Health Investigator N. Barson

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 55,905
  • Lost dog Archived
    218 Prospect Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Am older female Airedale is missing from Prospect Ave as of 15 min ago. She has a collar but is not chipped. Pictures to follow
  • 874 Mercer Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    In front of the house to the left of the bushes by the road.
  • 301 Elm Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    In front of the address
  • 78 Fairway Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Dead deer near the fire hydrant
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Princeton Animal Control recently found a young adult Kingsnake. The snake is available for adoption to someone with experience owning a snake or a beginner with an adequate terrarium and light. The snake appears to be very gentle and docile. If you are interested in adopting please contact Princeton animal control at 609-924-2728 or email Please leave name and contact info for follow up.
  • Found dog Archived
    Random Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    This dog was found on Random Rd. If it is yours or you have info on the owner please call the Police Dept. 609-921-2100 ext 0.
  • Found Cat Archived
    100 Albert Way Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A brown and black cat has been in the area of the parking garage and building 1 since last Friday. Someone is feeding it and he is very friendly.
  • 256 Bunn Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Dead deer at the end of the driveway partially in the road.
  • 905 Lawrenceville Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There is a dead cat on the shoulder in front of this address.
  • Found Cat Archived
    214 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    This senior cat was found Wednesday near 214 Nassau St. If you are the owner or recognize this cat please contact animal control through the police department 609-921-2100 ext. 0
  • Found Cat Archived
    78 Stockton Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    This cat was found on Stockton Street and appears to have been struck by a car. His is a neutered male and appears friendly. If you know or are the owner of this cat please contact the Animal Control Officer through the PD 609-921-2100 ext. 0
  • Broadripple Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    A white Pitbull and a black and white Pitbull were found running loose together on Broadripple drive Wednesday September 14th. If you are missing or recognize these dogs please notify Princeton Animal Control at 609-921-2100 ext. 0.
  • Found Goat Archived
    Cherry Valley Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Princeton Animal Control Officer captured a loose goat yesterday. The animal was found in the area of Cherry Valley Rd and may be from Montgomery. We are looking for help locating the owner of the goat. If you are the owner or know where the goat belongs please call Princeton Animal Control through the Princeton Police dispatch at 609-921-2100 ext. 0.
    Thank you for your assistance locating the owner.
  • Dead Deer Archived
    2 Audubon Lane Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Dead deer is located 75 feet from the intersection of
    Rosedale/Audubon 20 feet off the roadway in the bushes.
  • Found kitten Archived
    Stuart Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    This kitten was found on the 1000 block of Stuart Road today. He is approximately four months old and not nurtured. If you are the owner or recognize this cat please contact Princeton Animal Control at 609-924-2728.
  • Lost Dog Archived
    Paul Robeson Place Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Jake is a Belgian Shepherd that got lost in the rainstorm today. He was last seen running down Paul Robeson Place towards route 206. He is missing from the Jefferson Road area. If you see this dog please contact the owner Marvin at 609-915-1883.
  • Missing cat Archived
    197 Bayard Ln Princeton, New Jersey 08542, United States - Princeton
    Buff and white long haired 12 year old neutered male cat missing from Hodge Road
  • 55 Harrison St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Caller reports rats running in the back yard and along stone wall near Harrison street park