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  • Other Acknowledged
    172 Congress St Boston, MA 02110, USA - Downtown
    Bike rack request. Not a single bike rack in sight on an extra wide sidewalk of Congress and Franklin. This is also a bike route with a park, so bike posts would make sense.
  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit

    Can someone (Cambridge, DCR, anyone!!) please please mark this bike lane with green paint at Mass Ave/ Mem Drive. Drivers keep making illegal right hook turns on bikes here at an alarming rate. Increasing the visibility of the bike lane and the requirement to YIELD would go a long way to preventing crashes.

    This is a perpetual issue where NOTHING has been done for years, even after the river bike path was upgraded. Thanks!

  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    407 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    Utility work done in road/bike lane but bike lane markings were not repainted.
  • Pothole Archived
    1-69 Deacon St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    potholes all over deacon street. patches are gone, again.
  • 279 Beacon St Boston, MA 02116, USA - Back Bay
    cars are constantly parked in the "protected bike lane" on Beacon street. Clear signage on every block indicating a bike lane. Please ticket.
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    270-274 Dartmouth St Boston, MA 02116, USA - Back Bay
    car lane and bike lane markings heavily damaged or missing on most of Dartmouth.
  • Pothole Archived
    1414-1454 Washington St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    pothole in the crosswalk of Washington, Southwest(?) corner of intersection.
  • 448 Main St Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit

    This a high volume car/truck/bike intersection Vassar/Main St that I nearly got run over twice in one morning (pics attached). Trucks and cars turn across the bike lane without yielding to cyclists or even indicating they are going to turn.

    Can the city please stripe the intersection like what was done at Mass Ave/Vassar (pic attached)? It is kind of weird that one intersection would be done on a bike route but not the rest.

  • Other Archived
    284-294 Binney St Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Cars and giant trucks are speeding rampantly down Galileo/Binney. There is a high volume of pedestrians and bicycles in this area... and it's right next to the police department. People have been struck by vehicles here in the past. Can we please get some actual enforcement? Thank you!
  • 835 Galileo Galilei Way Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Bike lane markings damaged/missing near bend on galilieo/Binney. Please restripe?
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    1813 Arlington St Boston, MA 02116, USA - Beacon Hill
    Shared bike lane (bike arrows) are missing/faded from this route around the park. Please restripe (been asking for years now).
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    86-106 W Dedham St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    Bike lane pavement markings completely faded. Please restripe.
  • Pothole Archived
    1-69 Deacon St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    Potholes the size of craters... Deacon street needs repaving.
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    2186 Harvard Bridge Boston, MA 02115, USA - Back Bay
    Bike lane pavement markings on outbound direction missing/faded on bridge.
  • 2-168 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit
    The bike lane markings are completely gone. This is a major bike route, please fix!!
  • 55 Worcester St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    three abandoned bicycles attached to a city bike post. please remove.
  • 2-168 Main St Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit
    bike lane markings towards Longfellow are completely faded. this is a high bike traffic route, please restripe this. thanks!!
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    187 Dartmouth Street Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    bike lane on Dartmouth suddenly cuts across a lane of traffic after the intersection without any warning or striping for drivers/bikers. Can this be made safer?
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    325 Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Hill
    Shared lane / bike markings are completely worn out on Cambridge street to Longfellow approach into that traffic circle. It is a high speed traffic / busy bike route to Longfellow without and guidance of where bikes should be to avoid traffic turning right into storrow. Please make this a priority fix, it's dangerous. Thank you!!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    99 Charles Street Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Hill
    There are a series of large, sinking asphalt patches from utility work in the right lane on Charles. Can these please be fixed? I almost flew off my bike after hitting one at night unexpectedly. Thank you!