Public Works Superintendent

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  • 1 Lord Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Resident requested a cleanup of the overgrowth between guardrail and stone wall adjacent to their property (along Bacon Street). Photo attached.
  • Verndale @ Rte 123 Attleboro, MA - Attleboro
    Stop sign on Verndale at Rte 123 is faded and needs to be replaced.
  • Cambridge Street Attleboro, MA - Attleboro
  • 46-74 North Main Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Resident called to report a crack in the sidewalk in front of the library. (Bud Silva, tel. number: 508-369-6273)
  • 1 Globe Street Attleboro, MA - Attleboro
    At the Traffic Safety Commission meeting of 8/10/2016, the TSC recommended placement of a "Dead End" sign (W14-1) on Globe Street facing Bushee Street. Please install this sign as per the recommendation of the TSC.
  • 8-70 Kennedy Drive Attleboro, MA - Attleboro

    A resident reported the following: " I’m writing to report that the street sign is down on our street on the corner of Claire and Kennedy. The sign is still intact and is laying on the ground on that corner.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    John Coyle
    9 Claire Drive
    Attleboro, MA 02703

    Home: 508.455.0124

  • Pothole Archived
    Highland Ave @ Old Stagecoach Rd Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
  • 32 Trinity Circle Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    A resident reported that there is a damage curb which is sticking out into the street at this location.
  • 291 Newport Avenue Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    As reported by a resident, the catch basin at this location appears to be clogged and has trouble draining.
  • 81 Perez Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Lawn is reportedly damaged at the street, due to snow plowing.
  • 28 Park Drive Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Damage reported to constituent's front lawn