Public Works Department 10

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  • Park Blvd N & Ridge Rd Seminole, FL, 33772, USA - Seminole
    Actually a STREET LIGHT issue. There are no street lights at this intersection and it is almost impossible to see pedestrians in the crosswalks. I regularly make WB left hand turns onto Ridge Rd. and have had a couple of VERY close calls with pedestrians (in the crosswalk) in the travel lane. Due to the turning movement the headlights do not illuminate the crosswalk or pedestrians until you're on top of the pedestrians. A nighttime investigation/observation will confirm the concern. It is pitch black at this intersection. Thank you.
  • Asphalt Issue Archived
    7955 46th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    Builder tapped into manhole on 46th Ave. The asphalt replacement appears to have been thrown into the roadway by the shovel full and tamped down by traffic only........horrendous asphalt repair. Roadway is extremely rough by any standard with a huge chunk missing near the manhole damaging tires.