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  • 5700-5732 61st St N St. Petersburg, FL 33709, USA - Commission District 7
    no pick up yet for yard debris. the pile is killing the grass, blocking water drainage, and a home for critters. where are these contractors? its been over a week. word is they are working south of here because they are making more money? I hope this is just a rumor.
  • 5705 61st Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    There has NEVER been so much water in this yard! Going to be a mosquito haven! The road was paved without grading it, making it higher and the ditch in front of the next door neighbors neighbor's house was NEVER dug out when the rest were, therefore the ditch stops draining! It doesn't take an engineer to figure this out. I reported this right after and during the work being done! Now the problem is bigger and going to cause a bigger mosquito problem! Come dig out these ditches the rest of the way down the road at least! And the paved road really needed to not be made any higher as all the yards flood with EVERY rainfall! Thanks county workers! Enjoying that paycheck?
  • Ditch Obstruction Acknowledged
    5705 61st St N St Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    So our road was paved. That's great. Now its even HIGHER than the yards. The flooding yard problem is no better than it was. Worse even. I'm not an engineer nut I can tell you that the ditch does not drain because it wad never dug out in front of the house next door. There are austrailoam pines growing in it!! All this work for "improvement" and now more water is sitting in our yard because the road is higher than ever and the ditch will become a mosquito breeding ground when this storm is over because the water is not moving. Do you need a new engineer? And why not lower the road before you added more material to it and added to the soggy yard, great for mosquito production???? Also, the new grass on the ditchesbis nice. It is also HIGHER THAN OUR YARD!!! know what that means??? Yep......more water sitting in our yard???? Can the county do something the right way insteadof halfway???? Thanks for the nice road......no thanks for the worsening water sitting everywhere, and mosquito breeding grounds!!!!!
  • 5705 61st St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Since this drainage work has started, we have water sitting in our dish and its a mosquito breeding ground!. The ditch was dug out up to my house, but no farther down the road? This makes no sense. Even a "non engineer", such as myself knows water does not drain uphill! The rest of the ditch ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE Road needs to be dug out!. We have enough of a problem with water in our yards because of the road patching and raising it over the years. The county is now causing a mosquito problem that qas already bad to be worse!
  • Flooding Archived
    5705 61st St N pinellas, Florida - Commission District 7
    rain water has collected around/behind garage, and runs from the street into the yard so the yard cannot dry out. mosquitoes are very bad because of standing water in the yard, and other yards on the street. there is no where for the water to go. it use4d to flow down to a pond at the end of the road, but trees have grown and now it does not flow.
  • Flooding Archived
    5705 61st St N Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 7
    Rain water sitting in yard and around and inside garage because it has no where to flow. The water also runs from the road into the yard because the road had been repaired so many times that it is now higher elevation than the yards. The water used to flow behind the property to a pond, but the trees have blocked that flow. Now the standing water is causing a mosquito issue. The yard cannot dry out.