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  • 145 Ewing Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Bamboo planted on 145 Ewing and the adjacent public right or way is spilling over into the roadway, and blocks more than half the roadway after heavy storms, The over grown bamboo also obstructs driver's view of Harrison Street traffic at the Ewing/Harrison intersection. At this area, the width of Ewing street is only 36 ft reduced from 50 feet elsewhere. The sidewalk is entirely missing at 145 Ewing and it looks like a fence has been erected within the public right of way futher blocking pedestrian traffic. As a result pedestrians are forced to walk in the middle of the road, in an area where a driver's vision is blocked by the bamboo. This is a true hazard and really needs to be fixed.
  • Pothole Archived
    47 Harriet Dr Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The contractor building the McMansion at 47 Harriet has not properly filled the trench that was dug across Harriet to install water and sewer lines. The roadway has sunk 3 inches from curb to curb with a 2 foot width and is creating a traffic hazard. The ordinance requires the McMansion contractor replace/repair the roadway.
  • 16 Jefferson Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    A construction dumpster is parked on the street. This is not allowed in other parts of Princeton. This dumpster is causing a traffic hazard, and should be removed immediately