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  • rv living Acknowledged
    E Street Beyween 90th & 89th Ave. Oakland California - Webster
    We now again have these people living in rv and bring large trucks ad garbage on E street. They have people walking in and out at ALL Times, make noise all night.
  • 90th Ave & E Street Oakland, California - Downtown
    Still dumping human feces and city does nothing. As the mgr said, she doesn't want the "city employees " getting sick.....in other words, screw tbe citizens and children
  • Pothole Archived
    1701 88th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    This is getting larger and larger look hallow this as close as i could get a picture looks like it could become sink hole
  • 90th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    This was left over night..notice no plates. Lucky guess its stolen?
  • 1001 90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Here i go again, since the city is still not doing anything nor are they going to do anything, since there response was " we are not sending our workers we don't want them to get sick" so basically screw threw people who live in this neighborhood, screw our children with respiratory problem and the adults worth the same problems. All who have to breath and smell this crap. There have 4 more dumps in a weeks time worth the latest last night
  • E Street & 90th Ave Oakland - Webster
    People are dumping human waste in this area constantly late at night. Close to homes with small children. Goes on homes plants and yards
  • E Street & 90th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    Again dumping on street, ON THE STREET. Right in front of E street and 1000 90th Ave. Dangerous cars swerve to avoid nearly colliding with parked or other drivers
  • E Street & 90th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    These canisters have been here for way over a month, the haz mat or fire dept cones right away but not this time, we're told last time they could explode in heat and are hazardous
  • 1657 90th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    On the street, causing drivers to swerve.