• 4901 Lawndale Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    A neighbor had seven winter coats stolen from my storage unit. I have the hoods and pictures of me in these coats. One was size XL North Face white and light green coat. I have the shell and hood. Second coat was a Syper women's size 12 black winter coat, I also have the hood. Third coat was Rossignol black puffer coat size XL. Fourth dress lightweight black rain coat size XL . Fifth Taupe jersey material button up fall coat. Two black XL dress coats, one with tie around waist (brand new). If you see these at a garage sale or on an online site selling something similar, please respond to this message. Thank you.
  • 4829 N Lawndale Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    There is a kitten that is outside and has been for several weeks. I see kids feeding him at 4829 N Lawndale but the kitten is always outside of that house. This is probably why I always see him/her at the front of that house. Next week is going to be very cold. Hoping someone can also report this also so that this kitten can be rescued and in a warm home before the bitter cold next week. I would help the cat but my dog would probably kill it and have allergies to cat dander.