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    112 Liberty Street Marlborough, MA - Lawrence
    The recycling did not get picked up today?
  • Liberty Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    The sidewalks have been in disrepair on Liberty Street for years. One section in the middle of Liberty Street was fixed and updated, but the rest of the street looks horrific. Ringold Street got brand new sidewalks and they are never used. Ringold Street is a dead end loaded with overgrown weeds coming out of the sidewalks! Lets clean up all the areas around the new jewel in town especially since the seniors may be walking to it! Every Friday, the trash collectors cannot even put the barrels back with them toppling because of the dips in the sidewalks.
  • Liberty Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Once again, the neighbors at 84 Liberty have dumped a couch and bassinet filled with items on the sidewalk across from their home. It is blocking the whole sidewalk and has been there for a week. They have a bunch of junk strewn all over their driveway as well. This is a repeat performance of the renters in that home.