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  • Pothole Archived
    11491-11599 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Turn lane needs to be completely repaved -- it's too bumpy to drive my car on it! I'm forced to slow down on 9th St and make my turn from 9th instead of using the turn lane due to how poor condition the turn lane is in.

    Patches upon patches, then someone graciously slathered the mess with a fresh layer of asphalt which doesn't fix the problem.

  • 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Nice to see the road finally get repaved, BUT it's worse than the pavement which was falling apart!

    The road surface is terribly bumpy, again, worse than the old rotten road they tore up.

    The city needs to demand the road be repaired PROPERLY before the contractor receives payment.

  • 701 Bay Shore Dr Ne St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Multiple lights burned out on North Shore / Vinoy Park. In some areas there are more lights out than working.
  • 2299 Main St Fort Myers, Florida - Fort Myers
    This light pole got hit by a truck last month and the city promptly removed it. Replacing it hadn't been so prompt. Still waiting.
  • 11501-16605 4th St N St Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    The drainage ditches in this section have become quite overgrown and need to be dug back out again. Water is backing up in the surrounding developments because of it.
  • 8" Pothole Archived
    253-399 115th Ave N St Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    Previously patched pothole presently getting larger after recent rains
  • 10300 4th St N St Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Multiple potholes have appeared on 4th St southbound just north of the Gandy intersection since the recent rains

    Thank you!

  • Highway 93 Tampa, Florida - Carver City
    Small depression/pothole on I-275 SB, near where airport traffic starts to merge onto the interstate.
  • 11498 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    On SB 4th St @ 115th, the road surface is coming apart. I've had my tires spin and slide on it twice now when trying to pull out in traffic, which could be quite dangerous.
  • 274-298 Blanca Ave Tampa, Florida - Davis Island
    These streets are almost worst than not being paved.
  • 110 W Davis Blvd Tampa, Florida - Davis Island
    Quite a few potholes have opened up here over the past week between Danube and where the two Davis Blvd roads meet
  • 5 3rd St N St Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Any time it rains this section of 3rd St floods out and stays flooded for some time after it stops. The drainage ditches around here are very overgrown (esp on 4th St) but don't seem to have a problem with high water. Maybe the storm drains are clogged? The rest of the area and complex doesn't have flooding issues.

    Thanks for your help!