Mike Janofsky

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 315
  • 220 1/2 13th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33701 United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Mattress next to trash can in alley
  • 691 1st Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    The signage at this intersection is not always obvious to those who are not familiar that 1st Ave South is a one way street and I witness cars attempt turn on to 1st Ave South going West from 7th Street on a nearly daily basis. It would be great to have additional signage here, especially to protect the pedestrians in the crosswalk and other motorists.
  • 291 7th St S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    There is water leaking from a water meter near this address. This seems to be a slow leak, but is causing puddles on the sidewalk and in the street.
  • 2200 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, Florida - Grand Central District


    The signal timing from 1st Ave N through Central Ave and 1st Ave S on 22nd Street is terrible. These blocks are very short and often the light timing is opposite--e.g. when you hit a red light at 1st Ave N, the light at Central Ave will still be green, then turn red once the light at 1st Ave N turns green. The same will happen from Central to 1st Ave S. This causes an unnecessary stop and go/wait time at these intersections. I'd greatly appreciate if someone would look in to adjusting the timing! Thank you.