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  • 846 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    My current place of residence on Grand Avenue has not had a recycling bin for over 2 months now after it was stolen. The landlord has put in multiple requests and checked on them with the city. So far, no movement.

    We WANT to recycle and not throw these items in the trash, and the city has made this extremely difficult as we have now had to keep everything hoarded in our living room, waiting for the day the city decides to give us a new bin.

    How can we go about getting a recycling bin for this apartment building with 2 units?? It needs to go beyond phone calls at this point, since those are getting us no where. Two bins would be ideal but we'll take anything at this point. Our apartment is now a blight issue because of this ridiculousness. This is how people are discouraged from recycling - something required by law!!