• 7th And Fulton Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This was reported by another neighborhood association member, but was held for some reason for SCF approval, so it may show up twice. It hasn't shown up yet, so reporting again. No street signs at this intersection. None for Fulton or 7th NW. This intersection has been updated with new streetscape lamp posts. Thanks.
  • 415-499 Tuscarawas Street West Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Street Paint issue. The double yellow line on Tusc isn't visible in the dark, especially when it's raining. It's barely visible in the daylight. These are the lines you need to see when turning left from McKinley onto Tusc heading SE toward Market. If you're unfamiliar with the turn, or behind someone unfamiliar, it's very easy to turn into the wrong lane. HOF is coming up; please update our road paint here, and also the back-in diagonal lane markings on 5th in front of the brewery. They are basically non-existent in the rain. Thanks.
  • 1128 Wilson Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please make these people clean up their litter that has been illegal dumped behind the garage of 1127 8th Street NW and into the vacant lots between Gilmore and Wilson NW. The neighborhood association has cleaned it up once already, but they continue to discard their trash over the back fence behind the garage, and also into the vacant lot. They have zero respect for neighbors. Please actually inspect the property. They have been problems for years and continue to be even after neighbors have spoken with them, argued with them, and as stated above, cleaned up for them.
  • 1128 Wilson Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This fence continues to be a problem. It was reported to Building/Code last year and the tenants or owners (not sure if they're renting to own or do own) fixed part of the fence. The largest problem is that they do not have their OWN back fence. Instead of purchasing their own fence and installing it for their own private use, they use the fence that was put up years ago by the owners of 1123 8th Street NW. Both parties own dogs. Since the people on Wilson have put up their side fences (legally?), they leave their dogs out all night barking, and the owners of 1123 8th cannot let their dogs out because the dogs on Wilson jump on 1123's fence and tear it to pieces. They can't even maintain their own fence because they have been blocked from accessing it. This cannot be legal. Please look into this as soon as possible as this is not a first request, and this is causing all sorts of problems. The police were out Sunday morning for this. Also, the fire department should be notified that 1128 Wilson is having bonfires on a weekly basis. You'll noticed the scorched tree in the driveway on your visit. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    1101 8th Street Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    House was demolished about 2 weeks ago, and DDH left trash in bags at the back of the lot. The house is gone, but the trash hasn't been taken away yet. You'll see it at the corner of 8th NW and Rose Ct, at the back of the lot, not at the 8th St curb. Thanks!
  • 4347-4399 Tuscarawas Canton, Ohio - US Congressional District OH16
    Deep pothole on the city side of Whipple and Tusc. Kind of in between the two lanes heading toward Raff from Whipple, just in front of the little shopping plaza with GameStop.
  • 1101 8th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Demo company broke up the sidewalk more than it was before; it is now in chunks and no longer attached to the ground . It is in need or repair. Same with the house down the street that's been open for over a year, 1117 8th NW. Demo company made it worse.
  • 1122 8th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Yes, I know this house is on the demo list. I keep updating and asking about this property. Today the gas company came out and told us they were turning on the gas for the guy "fixing it up". The owner of 1133 (the landlord that is repeatedly notified of health issues at aforementioned address) is fixing up this property that the Building Department keeps saying is going to be demolished. Someone may want to inform the new owner(?), squatter(?). We don't need another dirty rental unit on this block! Thank you! Please at least post a SIGN that it will be torn down!
  • Stadium Park Shelter Driveway Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Not sure if this is city property or not, but two steps are missing/were removed on the wooden stairs behind the "Tree House". If not city, could you please pass it on? Thank you.
  • Park is awful Archived
    1800-1898 23rd St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Didn't we just pass a levy? Can't even walk on the track!
  • 1411 7th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Several potholes on 7th NW between Fulton and Elgin; however, one runs across the entire lane, near Kennedy's. You can't swerve around it anymore. Thanks for getting all SCF potholes filled so quickly. I know the weather is a huge deterrent.
  • 4100-4120 Tuscarawas Street West Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This section of road has been long ignored, and I'm not sure why. The entrance from Tusc to JCP, the tire place, Gamestop, etc from Tusc is broken up and uneven. It is the actual road, not the business's portion of entry. The address may be incorrect as it's based off the map provided here. Thanks.
  • 1603-1605 Lincoln Highway Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Potholes along Tusc in front of Sunoco.
  • 701-707 Brown Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Address may not be exact. Numerous potholes on Brown between 7th NW and 8th NW.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1411-1535 Lincoln Highway Canton, OH 44703, USA - Canton
    Poop on train station deck
  • Zimmer Place Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    Please forward this on to Kevin Munroe as he will have the exact and correct address. He is aware of an issue with with a resident's driveway not meeting the new blacktop. Per the resident (Jack), he is reporting buckling and poor drainage due to the "strip" of new street that was put down. He has spoken with Mr. Munroe about this issue, but the work has not yet been completed to make his driveway level with the street. Jack also states that the pavement was only steam-rolled once and is now worse than before it was paved. Please take a look and see what the city can do for this small stretch of alleyway. Thank you.
  • 1117 8th St Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    As stated, high grass. Attracting insects and rodents which have moved into neighboring homes with the colder nights. Now we all have mouse and insect problems. :(
  • 1101 8th St Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    Since tear-down of corner house next door, obscene graffiti has been visible on side door. Property is not being maintained; neighbors state that the owner says he will fix the house up, but that has not yet happened. He took ownership nearly 2 years ago per Auditor's site. Parcel # 232697
  • 1133 8th Street Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    Mattresses, old mowers, old appliances, food trash, you name it. They are scrappers, running trucks at all hours of the night. The Health Dept is aware of previous problems with this address. It is a rental.
  • 563-615 Washington Boulevard Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    See photo. Post is down on the new walking track.