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  • Speeding Arkiverad
    1409 59th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Please place speed limit signs on our street. Per police we are not able to place cones on street edge to warn of all the kids playing. Speed bumps have helped but we have many in the area that think it's a game to see how fast they can go in between the speed bumps.
  • 101-247 Pasadena Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33707, USA - Commission District 7
    please have debris cleaned up from road paving along 1st av so. there are chunks of asphalt all over in the grass all down the road. we have removed 10-15 large chunks the size of soft balls since paving.
  • 1409 59th St. N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    I would love to have a children at play sign for my street. We have speed bumps and still have people speeding even when my children are out playing.
  • 1409 59th Street North St. Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    Well how wonderful!!! Everyone on our block including us has had cans out since Wednesday morning and no pickup!!! And today was the normal day so we know it won't be done tomorrow. I would have half a mind to take all of the cans and empty them on the door step of your office!!