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  • 42nd Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
    Directional signs for on Ramps to 880 are completely obscured by graffiti
  • I-580 Coolidge Exit - Enid
    Directional sign in I- 580 W before Coolidge exit obscured by grafitti
  • Nimitz Freeway Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station

    At the 77/Nimitz interchange there are pile and bags of garbage everywhere. All directional signs obscured by graffiti. A downed street light laying in the street. Garbage bags uncollected. It has been this way for MONTHS. Have filed multiple tickets. We almost hit the street light laying in the road while merging on to 77.

    SeeClickFix loads too slowly to get photos and location. You can’t miss the situation in person.

  • Walnut Avenue Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    Walnut Avenue in Maxwell Park is almost un-driveable. The roadbed between High St. and Renwick has not been paved in at least 14 years. It's so ridden with potholes, bumps, and dangerous cracks. Yesterday I was walking my dog and we went to cross when I caught and twisted my ankle in the street. Please, please do something about the terrible condition!
  • Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Frick
    There is a bunch of garbage dumped on the roadside after exiting 25B exit on 580 East. It appears to be on Macarthur not the freeway but I'm not sure if this is CalTrans' responsibility. It's been there for a few days.