Mr Hermiteowitch

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  • Dzgr65 Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    Because a few bad apples have caused the admins of paNOW to close the PAlive chat forum. How these few people have more influence over the operators of this website, I don't know, but really, if they're gonna let two or three racists shut them own, then their opinion and biases can be easily swayed. I vote for a return of SOME SORT of proper live forum. an anonymous chatbox was the wrong way to do it. Registered names, threaded format, and ACCOUNTABILITY. I will gladly use my real name, if I know that someone somewhere down the road isn't going to use it to post something I would never say.
  • Exhibition Dr Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    Something needs to be done about the number for birds that accumulate above the cornerstone shopping area. They settle on the roofs of buildings, and then when there's a noise or some other reason for them to take flight, it's followed by a shower of bird droppings. I swear you can hear it coming down onto the roofs of cars and hoods.
  • 303 321 32 St W Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    The Section of roadway between 2nd Avenue West and 4th Avenue West on 32nd Street West is in need of repair. Sunken manhole covers, potholes and large areas of broken pavement.
  • 2720 2730 2 Ave W Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    All of these intersections that have these pads are in desperate need of repair or replacement. I don't know why these were put there, perhaps to test to see how concrete performs at intersections? It sucks. Feels like you're driving 50kmh over 12 rail road tracks. and it has done severe damage to my suspension on all my vehicles in a short amount of time.
    Remove or repair, And I don't mean just slap on some cold mix over the cracks. REPOUR OR REPLACE.
  • 2861-2901 4 Ave W Prince Albert, SK S6V 4T1, Canada - Prince Albert
    This intersection needs lights VERY badly.