Al Santangelo

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 715
  • 19 S. Forest Cir. - West Haven
    The storm drain at 19 S. Forest is at the bottom of 2 declines, can't handle moderate water from the big hill (no other drains on the hill) mixed with the water from the other side (which comes from the street as well as from the hill in front). Street flooding occurs and also the house at 19 S. Forest, all the road debris from the whole hill lands in a big river right through the front yard. Last rain I cleaned 10 5-gallon buckets full of silt, sand and debris, and the middle of the yard is dead. I've tried contacting WHPW but I can't get them to understand that the drain is not clogged, it's that the water is too much for 1 grate to handle, and the water doesn't hit the grate, it hits next to the grate, so the grate gets covered over almost immediately. I really need help with this, because the only thing I can think to do is build some kind of wall there to block all the debris, but if I do that, then the whole bottom of the street will just flood completely.