charlie Kunath

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,330
  • 3000 Red Oak Ct palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    behind 3000 building the strorm drains from three different subdivisions are collasping and about to cause building structure defect. the county came out - swiftmud came out... no response... it is dangerous please note
  • Sewer Issue Acknowledged
    418 Cascade Lane Palm harbor, FLORIDA - Palm Harbor
    ground collapse... at address above...
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Diane Ave - Kelly Green St Palm harbor , FLORIDA - Palm Harbor
    middle of the road diane avenue and Kellly green in the Independence subdivision.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Carson Lane And Rolling Trail palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    in the middle of the road carson and rolling trail ph,fl 34684 village of woodland hills
  • Flooding/Erosion Acknowledged
    3504 Ridge Blvd palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    ground is collapasing.
    418 Cascade land in Village of Woodland Hills,
    PH, fl
  • Environmental Acknowledged
    2053 Diane palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    pond is destroyed... filthy... algae independence sq off Belcher -- between Nebraska and Tampa rd the pond on the west side of belcher between Independence sq and the new homes being built.
    behind 2057 Diane ave and all diane address.
  • Corner Of Deer Run And Ridge In Village Of Woodland Hills 34684 palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    corner drain sidewalk is broken and dangerous to residents
  • 3504 Ridge Blvd palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor

    street signs down on Ridge and greenglen and on greenglen circle and greenglen lane --make the circle and you will see..

    greenglen lane and ridge blvd 3518 ridge blvd
    greenglen lane and greenglen circle 3531 greenglen circle

  • Pothole Archived
    Corner Of Ridge And Deer Run North - Woodland Hills - Pallm Harbor 34684 Palm Harbor, Florida - Northwood Estates
    Deer run North and Ridge Blvd - Woodland hills ph, fl 34684 5 potholes and sewer is damaged pic included
  • Sewer Issue Archived
    345 Carson Lane palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    sewer drain is blocked and water wont flow through pic enclosed... can back up to 4 houses.. just needs to be open up... thnak you
  • 3505 Ridge Blvd palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    3530, 3542, 3548,3553,3557, 3554 Ridge blvd 3728, 3747, 3682 Freemantle Drive all are marked with orange marker and have dangerous lifts in the sidewalk .... Also the SW corner of Ridge and freemantle is sunk in between the street drain and sidewalk. in Woodland Hills are of Palm harbor.
  • Environmental Archived
    3178 Cloverlace Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    yard is a mess grass growning on the sidewalk garbage in front of the house with magnets pails in front of the house. stuff all over the front ...
  • 3178 Cloverplace Drive3505 Ridge Palm Harbor, Florida - Clearwater
    magnats all over garbage and yard is a mess pic included...
  • 3504 Ridge Blvd Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    side walks in woodland hills need repair... many are higher and trip offenses
  • 3380 Cloveplace Drive palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    water meter is broken
  • Pothole Archived
    370 Bailey Court palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor