• 1265 Eastshore Hwy Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    More and more unsafe, unsanitary, unsightly rubbish continuing to build daily.
  • Other Archived
    765 San Diego Rd Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Dangerous handrail broken/missing creating attractive nuisance. Please fix
  • Other Archived
    99 Somerset Pl Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Broken handrail creating "attractive nuisance" and danger for Park users. Way too long. Easily fixed.
  • 931-943 Indian Rock Ave Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    8-10 bags of miscellaneous clothing et al at base of Indian Rock
  • Pothole Archived
    1574 Posen Ave Berkeley, CA 94706, USA - Berkeley
    This portion of Posen as it joins Monterey going south is in dangerous disrepair, causing cars to steer unevenly and potentially causing accidents. The entire 50 feet must be replaced and re-done urgently.
  • 1427 Portland Ave Albany, CA 94706, USA - Albany
  • 1000-1022 Monterey Ave Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Sitting wet in the rain since the last rain! Please take it away!
  • 597-599 Bush St San Francisco, CA 94108, USA - US Congressional District CA8
    Making our faire city look nasty
  • 813-821 Arlington Ave Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Abundance of unwanted furniture and garbage accumulated - horrendous
  • 106 10th St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Civic Center
    UNSAFE TO PARK! Multiple car breakins - lot should be closed or posted unsafe or hostile to vehicles!