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    45 Dennison Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester

    During the last storm a large branch of a pine tree fell pulling down the power lines. The tree has been pushed out of the road, but no one has come to remove the debris. The debris is located on the road. Has all the cleanup from the storm been completed?

    There are also several pine trees and branches that appear to be ready to fall also in that area. I believe these trees are located on the 40 foot road area.

  • 45 Dennison Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    During the winter plowing, the berm that runs along the street was broken up and no longer directs the water to the catch basin. The city has a storm drain that crosses the property in order to prevent the washout of the property.
    Can you please replace this berm before winter to prevent my plantings from being washed out and my front yard from becoming a pool. I would be glad to show and explain the issues.