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  • 48 & 50 Boundary Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    I'm not sure if is the town of Marlborough or Northborough is responsible for the tree that was cut down at 50 Boundary, however the stump that was left remaining at 50 Boundary St. is a safety issue for me trying to pull out of my driveway at 48 Boundary St. because it block my view to see down the street for oncoming traffic and I have almost been hit several times because this log obscuring my view. Can you please have this removed asap before someone gets hurt and if the town of Marlborough can't help me, please point me in the direction of whom I should speak to about this. Thank you, M. Visnaw
  • 48 Boundary Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    I came home tonight to discover that there was a lot of air in the water pipelines. I continued to run the water to try and clear out the air; however it only got worse. The water that was coming out of the faucets is brownish/yellow and after 20 minutes of running from all sources, the water was still discolored and now the water pressure is down to a trickle, no matter where I run the water. I will be luck if I can brush my teeth with the amount that is coming out; however I will not be able to take a shower in this sweltering heat, wash my dishes or do laundry. I'm sure it's related to the 'big dig' on Route 20 & Boundary Street; however I would like to know how long I'm going to be without water, and when I might expect normalcy? An update would be appreciated asap. Thank you!