Scott Sibley

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  • 1186 Trestle Glen Rd. Oakland, California - Crocker Highland
    Street light at 1186/1192 Trestle Glen Rd. not working/turns off intermittently.
  • 1370 Chatham Road Oakland, California - Glenview

    Repeated acknowledgement by Public Works resulted in nothing being done until I emailed Noel Gallo and Abel Guillen last year - I just emailed them again and suggest you all do as well:

    Hi Abel, Noel and Richard,

    I hope all's well. Last year you coordinated the patching of Chatham, from the 14th St. 580 off-ramp at Beaumont until the Park St. on-ramp, an artery for six AC transit lines, OFD Station 16 and the main exit for Highland Hospital. During the recent rains, the potholes re-emerged: they're now so numerous, large and deep, that the street is no longer useable without having to swerve continuously, creating a serious hazard in normal traffic. Please check it out, to see for yourselves that I'm not exagerating.

    This road's been rough for over 15 years; repeated patching hasn't worked and it's now nearly impassable: it's a safety hazard which needs to be repaved. What can be done to expedite repaving? Is there any way that the recently passed road bond can help? Thanks for your assistance and...

    All the Best!

  • 717 Grosvenor Place Oakland, California - Trestle Glen
    Light's out;please report so that Public Works will fix this.
  • 1186 Trestle Glen Road Oakland, California - Crocker Highland
    This sinkhole, in the street between 1185 and 1186 Trestle Glen Rd., has been repaired several times since 2006, the last time after it caused a cyclist to crash and dislocate his shoulder. It's now several inches deep and a large crack has appeared across the sidewalk and down the driveway of 1185. Smaller cracks are leading up the sidewalk at 1186. Another cyclist crashed this weekend and had to be taken to Highland hospital for an MRI and a bunch of stitches.