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  • 200 64th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    alley at the corner of 64th st n and 2nd ave. there is a broken telephone/electric pole plus a tree snapped in half laying across the wires. It has been this way for months. A couple of crews have stopped by, one was here all day a couple of weeks ago however nothing is actually accomplished. The Pole is still about to fall as is the tree. I dont know who is paying these people that have been out here but they are not getting much for their money. The incompetence,lack of concern and time span on this problem is unbelievable. Are we waiting for one of them to fall on a pedestrian or vehicle so then we will be paying for a law suit as well. The crew here last time trimmed and left with branches hanging over the road.
    we had to go out and trim them ourselves to allow traffic by. Dont know what else I can say.
  • 200 64th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    there is a large tree lying across the power lines in the alley on the west side of 64th st n and 2nd ave n. have been this way for a couple of months now. new pole was set up a couple of months ago bit wiring was never transferred. appears to be a very dangerous situation that is being ignored by power co or tel co. Maybe the city can intervene.
  • 6281 !St Ave North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    RV parked on front lawn for last week or two.
  • 299 64th St North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    two weeks in a row the truck has missed our part of the street. Perhaps its a new driver but the issue has to be addressed. They do come and get the garbage the next day after I call but I shouldn,t have to call them each week. Obviously it should be addressed with the driver so it does not reoccur.