Super 6-4

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  • 1100-1198 East 116th Street Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
    Recliner chair in the alley needs to find a good landfill to go to.
  • Hammond IN, Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Truck Tires have been dumped. They are stacked next to a blue garbage can along the bike trail.
  • 1604 Atchison Avenue Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
  • Other Archived
    2405 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Every few days there is a large rental truck that goes to the Environmental Center recycling bins and dumps in a ton of cardboard. I have a hunch its not a private residence thats doing it. Are businesses allowed to do stuff like this?
    Shouldnt they have their own contract for recycling and garbage detail?
  • 1604 Atchison - Hammond
    I have a few old sheets of plywood in the alley.
    Be careful there are still some nails attached.
  • 1604 Atchison - Hammond
    There is a couch and recliner that is no longer useful to me.
  • 2811 White Oak Ave Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
  • 1822 Indianapolis Blvd Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
    In front of the McDonald's there were some branches hanging down into the parking spaces. Probably knocked down my a semi truck.
  • Sensor Archived
    2100 Calumet Ave Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
    Ive noticed the stop light has changed more often than it used to. I witnessed a car going NB on Calumet get the green light and once it passed those apartments north of 7/11 the light turned red again. No cars were on the sensors. There are however steel gates to that Aquatic Center they I think may interfere with the sensors.
  • Vandalism Archived
    2619 Calumet Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    There is some sort of pumping room behind a steel door that has come off its hinges. A padlock is still in place. Looks like it could be a decommissioned structure but none the less should be secured.
  • Wood Archived
    3824 Towle Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    A small pile of tree limbs and other miscellaneous wood debris.
  • 3824 Towle Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    I put out an old fridge. Maybe a scapper will pick it up and save you the work.
  • 3828 Towle Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Not sure who, but there are two small piles of wood debris and I seen a tire on both sides of the alley behind this address. Been there for about two weeks.
  • Snow Related Archived
    3834 Towle Avenue Hammond, IN 46327, USA - Hammond
    I apologize for the repeat in reference to Douglas Park Medical Center on 3800 Hohman. However Ive included a picture as Im still learning the app.
  • Snow Related Archived
    445 139th Street Hammond, IN 46327, USA - Hammond
    Behind Douglas Park Medical Center, a privately owned plow has pushed too much snow into the alley. There is enough room for to plow it onto their property. Again, delivery vehicles can not get through or residents who park in their garage to "help" keep the streets clear for city plows. Im going to call the business and advise them about it as well. Next step Im calling for police action.
    I understand its been a rough snow season, but this is getting out of hand now.