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Michael Marshall

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  • 725 El Paso Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    There are 2 abandoned tires on the north side of Magnolia Street. Saw them there today as I drove away from mowing a couple of rentals on South Pineda.
  • Damaged Curb Archived
    725 El Paso Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Three sections of the sidewalk by the water meter were cracked & are sinking from the procedure Grimes Construction used to pump water underground & the backhoe work around that area as they replaced the gas line. Those 3 sections need to be removed & replaced with new concrete.
  • 725 El Paso Street Jacksonville, TX - Jacksonville
    A pack of up to 7 dogs have been roaming Our near east side neighborhood, causing cars to stop or swerve dangerously to avoid hitting them. They chase mothers with their babies in strollers out on a morning's walk. But most irritating, they are constantly roaming our alleyway and turning over trash cans & strewing trash in the alley, which we home owners have to clean up. I believe these are animals people are tossing from their cars & leaving them behind.
  • Dips Archived
    1925 E Lakeshore Drive Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Traveling Sunset Ave., there are warning signs hidden by trees/brush in both directions. Makes for a rude awakening as one crossed the drainage dip. Then, headed west, there are 2 more dips unmarked. It's a driver's hazard.