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  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    5705 Deepcreek Ln Houston, TX 77091, USA - Northwest
    Please adjust the timing of the lights for vehicles traveling outside of the neighborhood on Deepcreek. This intersection has had multiple accidents due to vehicle is making turns onto oncoming traffic because of the lights not changing in a reasonable amount of time. If your doubtful please look up the records of the accidents that have occurred at this dangerous intersection. This report has been filed on behalf of the Candlelight Oaks HOA. Please contact me if you have any questions we Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Other Acknowledged
    5451-5499 Bolivia Blvd Houston, TX 77091, USA - Northwest
    Power pole is falling apart and is making strange cracking noises. Need to be replace. See photo.
  • Other Acknowledged
    10735 Eastex Fwy Houston, TX 77093, USA - North
    They need to be pickup ASAP before they bite someone.
  • Water Meter Archived
    3501-3599 Rothermel Rd Houston, TX 77093, USA - North
    Drainage lid is missing someone is going to fall into the whole
  • Pothole Archived
    4937-4999 Bayou Vista Dr Houston, TX 77091, USA - Northwest
    Right hand side of the street.