Sherman Schlar

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  • 1293 1347 Farmington Ave West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford

    Farmington Ave west of Mountain Road is a popular route in the evenings and on weekends for motorcyclists. Many, many Harley Davidson owners put illegal aftermarket exhausts on their motorcycles to make them louder. These mufflers are easily identified and there are clear laws in CT against them.

    This is a quality of life and civility issues as well as a health hazard for our town's residents. The Town of West Hartford has done nothing to enforce this law and reduce this problem.

  • 509 645 Waterville Rd Avon, CT 06001, USA - Hartford County
    Bad road and potholes right near Rt. 10, dangerous for bicyclist due to the steepness of the hill.
  • 73 75 Talcott Notch Rd Farmington, CT 06032, USA - Hartford County

    The road condition of Talcott Notch is very poor in the eastbound direction on the hills close to Farmington Ave. Lots of potholes, chunks of pavment missing.

    This is a hugely popular road for bicyclists going between Avon and West Hartford. The road conditions are dangerous and force cyclist to ride in the middle of the road.

  • 1 99 Howland Rd West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford
    Very bad potholes with lots of loose gravel. Very dangerous for bicycles, popular route to get to the reservoir.