Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 11,580
  • Washington Park Albany, NY, USA - Albany
    June 9,10 Saturday and Sunday. Festivals in Park both days.
    The vendors are cooking on the grass and leaving scorch marks as illustrated in picture. There are more examples. Vendor vehicles are parked all over the lawns. Out of control. Both the LatinoBLACK and Pride festivals have grown and need to be handled like major events. Visitors park and drive on grass, walking areas as there is no guidance. Need to lay down rules and enforce. Special Events staff need to get organized with this.
  • Washington Park Playgound Area Lights In Park Damage Albany, New York - Albany
    Throughout Wash. Park, the lawns are torn up from the Lights installation and from the daily/nightly carts zipping around to turn of and on lights. Who will repair this damage and does PAL pay to get it fixed? Is there a security deposit when they rent the park for Lights? See picture. This is one example of many.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Here is another photograph of Tulip Festival damage located in the Playground area. This kind of damage is throughout Washington Park and if not repaired will have serious short and long term consequences for the park's viability. Help preserve the basics of our Park!!!!
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Washington Park Tulip Festival sadly has caused substantial damage to the park grounds due to trucks getting stuck into the damp grass. Results: huge parcels of land are now muddy and will need repair. Hopefully, this will be tended to by DGS. This adds to the damage caused by the DGS trucks on a daily basis.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Washington Park seasonal workers ride around in carts in duos. One is driving on lawns while the other is bending over his cell phone. This behavior was going on last year as well. The park needs people to help it. It is sad to see the seasonal staff not working. It is also sad to see staff driving around in carts at high speeds doing what??? Please supervise.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    485 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    485 State Street constantly has overflowing trash in the pit under the windows. Open containers and paper bags, food. Disgusting.Health hazard.
  • State And Willett Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    First Pres property trash ----Trash being dumped on top of leaf bags put out by First Pres on State Street side. The leaf bags were put out weeks ago and since then people have been dumping household items, garbage, trash,clothes on top. This location has had similar mounting trash piles in the past.
  • Washington Park North West End Albany, New York - Albany
    A long dirt swath of dirt left from digging a trench in mid September needs to be fixed. It extends from the playground area. across road and crosses over the next ridge. Grass seed has not taken. Looks like a dirt roadway. Needs to be fixed.
  • 435 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    dead squirrel in front of 435-6 State. Dead crow in park area in front of 443 State Street
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    traffic driving on pedestrian trials next to basketball court. some cars drive fast. 5-6 cars parked next to courts. this happens alot. can there be chains at the opening of each pathway? this is harmful to the park and also dangerous to pedestrians who do not expect cars on the path.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    Lark And Washington south west side CDTA bus stop, Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    CDTA bus stop corner Lark/Washington SW corner is dirty, littered. No wonder the shops have all closed down there. The structure is badly placed and has created more of a mess than ever before. Please clean daily.
  • 436 - 437 State Streete Albany, New York - Albany
    436 and 437 State Street stairs are being "repaired" without a permit and without HRC approval. This is historic district and we have to comply. Additionally, they are using inappropriate materials. They did this last year and the stairs fell apart as soon as the snow fell. Absentee landlord does not care.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Drivers use Washington Park roads like a speedway driving way too fast endangering lives of children, older people and families and people on bikes who use the Park every day, all day. There is no enforcement on a regular basis. Is there anything that can be done to enforce minimal speed?
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Washington Park has lost large areas of grass coverage that will need re-seeding to avoid large barren areas of dirt and mud. This problem has been growing over the last few years and has not been addressed. This problem is due to improper drainage, over mowing, and trucks using the grounds as a major highway.
    Whatever the causes, the park needs to be reseeded if it is to continue as a green space.
  • Washington Park Bush Across From 441 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    People living in bushes for last few days. Sleep there and vacate sometimes in day and then return.
  • 436 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    Months ago, huge trench dug deep. Filled in with mud. Now all mud, clogging drainage and causing flooding. We are tracking mud all over our houses. WE have asked to have this fixed, but no response.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Crosswalk sign removed during Christmas Lights in Park needs to be replaced. Very dangerous for pedestrians esp with snow and ice. Cars ignore crosswalk as no stop lights and no signage indicating peds have right of way.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    heavy construction equipment damaging Washington Park.
    Do you plan repairs after they are done.
  • Corner Of Sprague And State Place Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    see above. do not have photo to send, sorry