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  • 575-591 W Queen Ln Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Germantown

    Omg I just came back from out of town and septa is drilling on the queen lane station tracks at 2am!!! How are they allowed to violate the noise ordinance?? I hate them. This happens way too often. They make it impossible for the neighborhood to sleep.

    Who can I complain to??

  • 519 W. King Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Germantown

    A black sports car with New Jersey plates ZBE 11F has a messed up alarm. It's been going off in the middle of the night--sometimes 2-3am, and often it'll go off multiple times..for WEEKS NOW.

    I have left a note on his car windshield. I have called the cops twice (they told me to call 9-1-1). I am at my wit's end. Now it looks like he's removed his front license plate maybe so the cops can't find his car??

    If anyone else is annoyed by this, CALL 9-1-1. That's what the cops told me to do. I am gonna keep calling 9-1-1 every time this thing goes off. I am extremely sleep deprived because of this!!