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  • 2 E India Square Mall Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Salem residents were notified that a snow emergency parking ban was put in place on Sat, 1/19/19, beginning at 8pm. Additionally, the notice also included the statement that residents could begin to park their cars in the city garages at 3pm,as the 'permitted beginning' of the snow emergency parking time.
    Then, on Sunday,1/20/19,with freezing rain still falling & streets still a mess,the snow emergency parking ban was lifted. The notification text came at 5:23pm, with the ban lifted as of 6pm. this was at a time when the weather situation remained a mess,with temps dropping,& many people had already gathered together to watch the AFC Championship game, which began at 6:40pm. NO phone notification from the city was ever rec'd, as is usually done.
    With the knowledge that cars had to be removed from the garage, or a per hr rate would be imposed, since the ban ended at 6pm, we & many others headed to the city garage to get our cars out.
    With the parking ban lifted, there was a large group of disgruntled people at the Museum Place Garage when we arrived, before 6pm. They were all outside talking with a garage employee, asking why they were being charged for 2 days of snow emergency parking. We asked the same, & were told that any cars brought in at the 'allowable' 3pm time on Sat, & which were now being removed by the 6pm ban ending time on Sunday, had accrued TWO days of snow emergency parking.
    This is ridiculous.
    IF Salem city garages offer a time of 3pm to bring your car in,when a snow emergency parking ban does not begin until 8pm - & then when the ban ends the following day at 6pm - & garages charge residents for TWO full days, this is nothing but a scam & a money-making scheme.
    What looked like a break for residents to get their cars in early on Sat, & then a quick turnaround to get them out by 6pm the next day, or pay more - & hitting everyone up for 2 days,is a new low for this city.
    We were there before 6pm,(dropping all plans,cooking,etc,to get there),& yes, it was 3 hrs beyond the 24 hrs when we'd brought the cars in at 3pm on Sat, it still reeks of graft on the part of this city. Some folks outside the garage said they'd been parking there for 8-10 years, during snow emergencies, & had had nothing like this occur before.
    We pity the folks whose cars may still be there,or who watched the Pats game, blissfully unaware they were being charged for 2 days & more per hour.
    There should be a refund to all of us who trusted being able to get our cars in the garage early (per city notice) at 3pm on Sat, then had to hurry to the garage to get them out by 6pm, Sunday,& were charged $10.
    to do so.
    We don't care what the city snow emergency parking site says, this is not right. And,to call off a ban when weather conditions were, & still today, are treacherous, was an unconscionable, careless, & money grabbing act.
    Shame on Salem.
  • 4 Pleasant St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    There is a couch left on the sidewalk on Bridge St, directly across from the intersection at Pleasant St. There was also a suitcase left next to it.
    This is the 2nd couch that as been left on public property on Bridge St. The other one was reported on clickfix,but is still sitting there.
  • 11 Pleasnat St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    There is a continual slew of cars speeding all the time on Pleasant St. every day, as well as noisy motorcycles. They race up to the stop sign at Bridge St, & also race down the street after turning onto Pleasant St. Many cars also turn left out of Pleasant St, when there is a sign for 'no left turn'.
    Can the speeding be monitored? Or, one of those speed indicators set up,, so drivers might have to slow down?
    It's dangerous, particularly near the corner. The Salem Music School is near there, & there are children who live close by.
  • 10 Pleasant St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The sidewalk in front of 26-28 Pleasant St. is completely blocked. No snow has been cleared away. Walkers have to go out into the street, which is 2 way, in order to pass this house.It is dangerous, & needs to be cleared.
  • 23 Cedarcrest Ave Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Maitland's Mountain Farm, a local farm right here in Salem, needs the community's help!
    Without so much as visiting the farm, the Building Dept has decided that the fram's primary use is NOT agriculture. This farm sells it's produce, etc, at the Salem Farmer's Market & elsewhere in Salem! The farm meets the state's requirements regarding legally being a farm. Yet, municipal officials do not want to budge on their decision. WHY? Th eprimary ise of the farm is agriculture. They are asking the community's support in contacting city officials to support Maitland's remaining agriculturally zoned.
    Must Salem lose another part of its identity to tourism?! This farm helps educate our children, & is a viable respected member of the city & community.
    Please contact local officials & the mayor to help Andy keep the farm a 'farm'.
    Time to step up, Salem! Whatever happened to a diverse community?
  • 93 Washington St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    1/16/18: WHY were Salem residents NOT notified till 9pm Tuesday evening re the decision to institute a parking ban for 7am Wed morning?! Inconvenient to say the least.
    Let alone, WHY, at all, is there even a parking ban for only 1-3" of snow?! That has NEVER been the case for such a minimal amount of snow.in this city!. And, it's changing over to rain.
    Schools are not closed. And, parking is allowable on downtown streets for businesses -- plus plowing will still be done there.
    Why are residents inconvenienced? Certainly this has not been handled this way before.
    A poor decision.
    But perhaps it is based in collecting $ for the city, via the garages.
    Guess that's the new hip hub philosophy.
    Stick it to the residents.
    For this fiasco of a decision, all residents should receive free garage parking for this so-called snow emergency.
  • 11 Pleasant St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This has been in front of this house for a week.It was not removed by recycling today, 10/16. It is a hazard & an eyesore. PLEASE remove.
  • 11 Pleasant St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This has been sitting on the curb for a week in front of the attached address. Recycling did not remove it today, 10/16. It is a hazard to anyone who has to park by it, & an eyesore to all who pass or walk by. Looks like it will topple into cars & the street if anyone decides to push it.
    PLEASE remove ASAP.
  • 188 Federal Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Traffic continues to roar down Federal St, at a constant flow. Even 11:30 in the morning is like rush hour. Most cars & big trucks are speeding, & have to abruptly 'put on the brakes' when they encounter the 1st stop sign at Beckford St.
    This problem has been brought to the city's attention before. When will something be addressed concerning this? Will it take a serious accident or worse?