P. Nieves

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  • Street Signs Archived
    87 Riggs St Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    New 4 way stop at Riggs and Lomond for the entrance to Rowe School is not easy to see and was added out of no where. There are two be prepared to stop signs but many times they are blocked by vehicles stopped on the street. With school in session this is an accident waiting to happen as I have seen people totally miss the sign and go right through with out stopping. A blinking stop sign for both sides of Warwick would be ideal at the very least flags would be a help to draw attention to the signs.
  • 128 Warwick St Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    Overgrown brush impeding sidewalk near school
  • 14 Starlight Rd Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    Side walks from 319 to 361 Ludlow St are not plowed causing kids that need to walk to school to walk in the middle of the street.
  • 14 Starlight Rd Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    Trash dropped on the street. This has been there since Sunday morning. Does not belong to the house it is in front of.
  • 14 Starlight Rd Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
  • 60 Lexington Ave Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    The side walks on the odd side of Ludlow street from Fuller to Candlewyck have not been plowed. I counted 22 homes this evening that did not clean their sidewalks after Tuesday's storm. This poses a significant safety issue for the students that need to walk to school. These students would be required to walk in the street.
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    23 Orono Road Portland, Maine - Portland
    In the Hall School Parking lot on the rounded curb nearest the gym there is a piece of exposed rebar that needs to be removed. This has been reported to the school department facilities department who has reported it to Public works since school started in August. The rebar instead of being cut out just gets pushed back into place when it pops up. Some child could be impaled on this if they are not paying attention, a car could sustain damage or even a city plow could be damaged if caught the right way. All I ask is that someone for the safety of our students come out and remove the piece of rebar. It would take no longer than 10 minutes to do the job correctly.