Barbara Pamboukes

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  • Trees Archived
    Top half of tree down. Large limbs in St. Nicholas parking lot. Not sure if this is portsmouth city property or art will property. I reported this last year 2016. Will you help before rest of tree falls in person or car.
  • Street Issue Archived
    91 Cutts St Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA - Cutts Cove

    Please help remove all the road debris, crumbled pavement, etc. there is a strip of sand and popcorn size pieces of pavement 6 feet by 3inches starting at base of Leslie to cutts st
    I spoke with someone two weeks ago .
    The potholes are getting worse and need to be filled. Very difficult for walking, riding bicycle or driving

    Please contact me

  • Street Issue Archived
    91 Cutts St - Cutts Cove

    Blacktop debris. Winter related broken blacktop, big chunks. I did sweep pieces and shoveled into a green bucket. Of course now it's too heavy for me.

    When your teams are in the neighborhood would they mind taking it?

    Thank you for your help

  • Trash/Litter Archived
    525 Maplewood Ave Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA - Cutts Cove
    There have been 2 dumpsters in the street for many years. The renters do not appear to be taking care of the garbage or recycling. It looks like a dump area and does not seem safe nor does it appear clean .
    These dumpsters should be moved onto the property and off the curbing.
    I made one attempt to share concern with property owner Gary dodds.