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  • 2101 Shore Line Drive Alameda, California - Alameda

    The sidewalk plantings watering is more like a fountain. Water waste, and thge plants & dirt isn't happy either. Flooding into the parking garage of the building too.

    Not sure if city issue or HOA but this is stupid!

    Video link above.

  • 2166 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    Some teenagers flipped over the trash can on the park side
  • 2166 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    Has been here a few weeks. Not sure if it's trash or needs to go back up or was forgotten. Needs to go from my yard 😀
  • Odor Archived
    1715 Walnut Street Alameda, California - Alameda

    There has been an odd smell around here (we are at 2166 bv) for several days now. Kind of smells like gas (but isn't), mixed with a urine smell / sewer smell.

    can't pinpoint the exact location, or have any clue of the cause. It's pretty strong, but comes and goes.

    First noticed it Friday.

  • 1817-1899 Minturn Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    This particular spot is really bad, on a bike, I've almost toppled over hitting this "kerb" or coming from the other direction on Eagle, it's quite the jump ramp...
  • 1898 Grand Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    The entire stretch of Eagle from Grand to Mulberry is in horrific condition, especially for biking.
  • 300 Wind River Way Alameda, California - Alameda

    This is on the bike route. The turn from Wind River Way towards Fortman Marina is pretty bad.

    (The road that goes behind Del Monte building is horrible too, but that will get fixed soon enough I hope!)

  • 2166 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda

    Large branches keep falling off the large tree in front of our house.

    The largest was several feet long and 5 inches thick.

    I'd like a tree pro to come and take a look and possibly do some "maintenance" pruning on the tree. Would hate for a large branch to fall on a car, person or my house in a storm. It's a beauty, but also very very big, and the drought has taken it's toll.