Erik Brotz

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 745
  • 119 Locust Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Deep pothole/sinkhole in the road surface on the South side of Locust St. near the crosswalk across from Caroline St. Needs immediate attention.
  • 18 North Union Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    In multiple locations on the Union St. bike lane there are piles of debris that appear to have been swept off of the verge strip between sidewalk and road. They extend from south of Pearl past North St.
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    351 South Winooski Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The bike lanes in both directions on S. Winooski Ave. between Maple St, and Howard St. have varying amounts of slush, snow, and ice, making riding conditions treacherouos. This is a perennial problem with these lanes,
  • Bridge Over 127 From Ethan Allen Park Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    The wooden bridge over 127 from Ethan Allen Park has algae growing on it and has become slick. It was not visibly wet, but my bike slipped out from under me as I was crossing (near the east/north end), and I have serious bruises and abrasions.

    I think it should ideally have some sort of non-slip surface added (like the ends of the bridge to Oakledge), but in the meantime I suggest power-washing and/or installing a warning sign.