Lorraine Eaton

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  • 4120 Cheswick Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia - Norfolk city
    I have been calling about this issue since June 1, 2012, and despite several Public Works visits to my property and promises that it will be addressed, it remains unresolved. My driveway stays filled with water. I cannot walk to my mailbox or retrieve my trashcans without walking through wet grass. It is a mosquito breeding place in the summertime, dangerous in the winter and a nuisance year round. I won't bore you with details of dates and whom I've spoken with over the past THREE YEARS, or the unfilled promises to fix it. The attached image shows the deep water in my driveway 2 days after rain and my neighbors' dry driveways at the same time. Also note that the city drain at the end of the driveway does not handle the water. It has been cleaned out several times and that doesn't correct the problem. Even your people who have done that work agree. What's a taxpayer to do? How can I finally get this resolved? This makes my 17th time contacting your office.