Susan Melke

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 4,240
  • Riverside Park Etc Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    Really huge amounts of grafitti. On the gazebo and the electrical boxes at riverside park. Also the bridge by the hawk singal and the bridge thru water street to catherine
  • Grass & Weeds Archived
    Corner Of Chidester And Spring Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    The park that used to belong to Ford seems the grass has not been cut this year.Its about two feet high
  • 1043 W Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI 48197, Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    One again Family Dollar is a mess. LItter all over the property. Trash can overflowing. why dont they have more trash cans. When i went inside the store is was shocked. It is filty. I had never seen it look like this. Aisles are blocked etc.
  • Pothole Archived
    Michigan Ave At Huron washington, hamilton and adams, Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    dangerous holes in cross walks along michigan downtown. someone is gonna get badly hurt
  • Catherine Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    this street is only half plowed. Not sure why trucks are not out cleaning up the mess on the streets. Has not snowed for days
  • Spring Street Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    this entire strip of sidewalk has not been shoveled and it has not snowed for days. I do not understand why the ordinance officer is not seeing all these unshoveled walks. Residents should not have to report each and every location This area gets reported at every snow and still its not being done. Snow removal on sidewalks is a major issue for residents.Not sure why it does not seem to be a great concern for the city
  • 120 Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    this entire strip of sidewalk has not been shoveled and it has not snowed for days. I do not understand why the ordinance officer is not seeing all these unshoveled walks. Residents should not have to report each and every location Is it really that hard for someone to stand on the corner of michian and huron and see all the unshoveled areas. Snow removal on sidewalks is a major issue for residents.Not sure why it does not seem to be a great concern for the city
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    Catherine Bet Huron And Chidester Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    both cross walk sign were tagged months ago i did report it prev but its not been taken care of . Also the crosswalk makings are gone and need redone please
  • Grass & Weeds Archived
    Catherine Between S Huron And Chidester. Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    the area to the west of the chidester place crosswalk is overgrown with weeds. It is blocking the view from the crosswalk. I am not sure if it is city or dte who should maintain it. Its a serious hazard to those trying to cross catherine
  • Caatherine At Chidester Placed Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    The crosswalk sign on Catherine from Chidester Place has been knocked down It was also tagged
  • South Huron Lot Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    Why has the snow been piled on the sidewalk. No excuse
  • Spring Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    Sidewalk is icy. Why is this never taken care of . Its prob icy all the way to prospect. Residents here need this walk to be clear.
  • 14 S Washington Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    sidewalk is again a sheet of ice. This is an ongoing problem.
  • 330 Chidester Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    Spring from Huron to Chidester at least. Not been done since the snow,.
    109 s huron mounds on sidewalk.
    16 north washington not shoveled
    2 or so N washington (dreamland) not shoveled
    Curb cuts at Michigan and huron west sides not clear or cleared about 6 inches wide not passable..
    N huron parking ig mounds of ice and snow on sidewalk
    S huron lot west side sidewalk mounds.
    330 chidester st bus stop not cleared since first snow two weeks ago
    Gilbert Residence curb cuts on huron and down catherine. Also many bad icy or mounded spots
  • snow removal Archived
    Catherine And Huron And Catherine And Washihngton And Washington And Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    curb cuts impassable
  • Assorted Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    most of the curb cuts at michigan and huron are not passable unless you are only 6 inches wide, almost all driveways to parking lots now have lumps of snow and ice making sidewalks impassable.
    330 Chidester bus stop not cleared, aaata says they adopted the stop but the management here says its not their responsibliity, i have a call in to aaata about this. but it still needs cleared as its not been done since the first snow and management says its city sidewalk. pearl east of tge pawn shop is not clear. michigan ave east of the honda dealer is not clear. 109 and 212 south huron are not shoveled. Friday and saturday we are scheduled for more snow and freezing rain, so the already impassable is going to get worse. If i had a warm car i would be more than happy to drive around the city and report each and every offender but I dont have a warm car., I got stuck multiple times on the scooter for those who are in manual chairs its pretty much impossible How long are we expectded to stay home? You would not tolerate the roads being like this.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    Michigan And Normal Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti

    Last night i was coming home from the meeting at Ypsi High. I was on the sidewalk on the north side of Michigan about to cross Normal at about 10:45 pm when suddenly and with no warning there was no curb cut. I was driving my scooter and had gone a large distance and while some of the sidewalk was slightly hazardous having no curb cut appear out of the blue at night where the lighting is not ideal almost caused me to have a bad accident.. The curb is very high and as i came to it at a healthy clip i was forced to swerve and had to grab the sign by the curb to stop me and the scooter from lauching over the curb. I am convinced that had i not grabbed the sign I would of been injured.

    Proper sidewalks are a large problem in the city. I have reported many to the city but that never seems to cause them to be fixed. For ten years I have watched the city spend money to redo already existing curb cuts in places like depot town. Why do the places that do not have curb cuts get ignored. If the city is hoping to reinforce the idea that those who live in certain areas get the best service then this neglect is how to do it. Why is there not a program that is fixing these dangerous and often impassable sidewalks continuously. The city is failing its handicapped citizens and in the end all citizens and allowing dangers to continue to never be corrected. Does the city have a map of all sidewalks and their condition and where serious dangers exist and are in line to be repaired? if not why not? If the city needs help to compile this map I and I am sure other citizens could help with this, just give us the tools. If the city cannot afford the time it takes to chart this on a map then let us help. And then make a formal plan to repair, replace and install install sidewalks and curb cuts. the city owes the residents especially the disabled more than lip service and plans that dont improve conditions.Pleas take action on this matter asap. We deserve it. Streets we drive on would not be allowed to remain this impassable for years sidewalks are just as vital as roads. Please help us deal with this serious problem

  • 213 E Michigan Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    When family dollar was getting approval to build at water street part of the agreement said they had to have windows facing michigan ave. Well those windows are covered up almost completely. Someone said they are only allowed to cover 25 percent not sure if thats true, but this is totally defeating the entire window rules and needs to be addressed. Also they are always littler covered trash bin overflowing etc. They are bad corporate citizens for ypsi
  • 216 E. Michigan Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    At the Family Dollar the aisles are blocked every day. I understand that they have to be able to have deliveries and stock may sit on the floor but they need to not block all the aisles. I would think this would not only be a fire hazard but also against ADA rules. They also are adding more and more displays at the ends of aisles and on the sides of aisles which narrow the already ridiculously narrow aisles
  • Michigan And Washington Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    the crosswalk on the west side of washington crossing michigan ave has giant holes. It needs to be fixed asap before someone falls