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  • 601-699 Dartmoor St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Uptown
    Water is spewing from ground faucets, puddling the ground and sidewalk, and also flowing full force into Round Lake. Is this a storm system issue? I hope it's not gray water.
  • 825 Dartmoor St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Uptown
    Verizon's box has been run over. Been this way for about a year.
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    825 Dartmoor St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Uptown
    I guess it's Verizon's box at the pole in the alley. It looks like it may have been hit by a car. I reported it to them once. Did nothing. Been this way for over a year.
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    836 Dartmoor Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Uptown
    Traffic on 9th Avenue that is stopped at the light on 4th Street is backing up, creating CO2 emissions. The light to turn onto 4th needs to stay green longer. The light to turn from 9th on the opposite side of 4th needs to be shorter, as it is a one-way street and there is hardly ever any traffic. Perhaps the problem of the lingering traffic waiting for the light at 4th is caused by the new popular destinations on 4th street. Yet an even better solution would be to open up 4th street to two-way traffic in downtown so people will enter downtown as they ramp off from the interestate, instead of entering a neighborhood by ramping off at MLK because 4th is one way. That method would confine CO2 emissions to that part of downtown where it can cause fewer health problems because hardly anyone lives there.