John Haley

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  • 10399 May Wind Ct Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    The sidewalk between 10388 and 10398 has sunk considerably. The low spot is directly above or adjacent to a sewer in front of 10392 and nearby water main.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    10407 May Wind Ct Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Dead tree on Howard County property/flood plain/watershed area to the rear of 10407-10405. Adjoining neighbors are concerned that the dead tree is at risk of falling on their home during a storm, causing property damage or personal injury. The tree is clearly dead and easy to locate. I will add a picture later. If helpful, we can mark it. The tree sways/leans excessively during storms. The HOA has been asked to preemptively cut down the tree, but being on Howard County property we cannot legally proceed. We are requesting cut down only, not removal/haul-out or stump removal as accessibility is limited. Thank you.
  • 10392 May Wind Ct Columbia MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    The sidewalk between 10388 and 10398 has sunk considerably. The low spot is directly at sewer in front of 10392. The sidewalk area, swear manhole, and nearby water main manholes are sinking together. During rain, a pool forms in the low area and remains for extended periods, making the sidewalk and nearby residences inaccessible without wading through the pool. This also adds a mosquito breeding ground. The stretch of sidewalk is broken in spots do to settling and the stairs at the 10392 residence have sunk with the sidewalk, causing significant damage at the top where they have separated, creating a safety hazard! If helpful, I can e-mail a video of the area during a recent rain.
  • Pothole Archived
    10270 Broken Land Pkwy Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    The road across Broken Land Parkway, on the north side of the intersection with Twin Rivers Road is sinking in a relatively straight, but wide line across both the north and southbound lanes. From the height of the manhole cover relative to the road surface on the southbound side, this side has sunken at least several inches, I would guess about 4 inches, maybe more if the manhole is also sinking. This is creating a wide dip that continues across all lanes, extending to the other side of the median, across the northbound traffic lanes where the road surface on the northbound side is also breaking up. For safety, cars are slowing to a crawl to avoid bottoming out or other damage to vehicles. I have personally witnessed a several drivers lose control of their vehicles as they approach the intersection/turn onto Twin Rivers, while others are swerving around the area to find relatively save passage, meanwhile almost colliding with other vehicles. It's a mess.
  • Pothole Archived
    10262 Twin Rivers Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Large pot hole and growing through now extending across the entire lane on Twin Rivers at Broken Land Parkway heading east from Governor Warfield Parkway towards the mall. The major pothole has been patched/filled several times, but continue to grow. The entire road surface from the median on the left to the storm drain and fire hydrant on the right is sinking. It appears the area is sinking due to the road surface being undermined. Due to the location and extension of the damage in a straight line across the road to the sewer and fire hydrant, it appears the reoccurring, spreading damage could be caused by a damaged, leaking sewer drain or the fire hydrant water supply.
  • Pothole Archived
    10250 Twin Rivers Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Potholes in the road at/just past Governor Warfield Parkway, heading east towards the mall. The potholes have been filled several times, but continue to grow, causing traffic issues as vehicles maneuver around the worse of the damage.
  • 10261 Windstream Dr Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Multiple areas of damaged road surface and curb-road interface around drains. Damaged sewer grate. Road has been resurfaced and patched numerous times. The patches and additional resurfacing is delaminating. In some places the road surface is increased nearly to the top of the curb. Damage around new and old curb interface and both ends of the median area where multiple patches and resurfacing meet. Several pictures to follow.
  • Green Mountain Cir Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    Green Mountain Circle - Cullen Terrace sign down.