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  • Nimitz St. College Station, Texas - Eastgate Area
    The're are tree limbs and boards at the back area of the Lincoln apartments. The people who worked on the house, second down from Nimitz St., left the boards there. It was not left by anyone at the apartments. Not sure who left the tree limbs, they appear to be limbs from the trees being trimmed back.
  • University And Tarrow college station, tx - College Station
    The weeds are about two feet tall in this lot. They have some green plastic around it, but you can still see the weeds.
  • Pothole Archived
    Gilbert St college station, tx - Eastgate Area
    There are several potholes on this very short street. It's almost impossible to miss all of them zig zagging around them. p[
  • Pothole Archived
    400 Ash Street College Station, Texas - Eastgate Area
    There are several rather large pot holes on Banks St. This is a very narrow road, and it's very difficult to dodge all of them
  • 402-404 Ash St. College Station, TX - Eastgate Area
    There are a couple of houses that have trash in the yard. which is blowing into my yard, and others yards. It has been this way for several days. I wasn't going to report it, but they did not put it out for the trash man to pick up.