Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 65
  • 24999 Cinco Ranch Blvd Katy, Texas - Cinco Ranch
    Seems like it is Friday nights when it happens. And tonight I noticed a small eco-car at the left turn underground sensor. Whatever the reason, you might as well close the entire freaking intersection because you have people going through red, turning right on Cinco and u-turning or going straight on Westheimer to u-turn and then turn south on Cinco from there. Anyway the flipping light skips green more than it goes if it ever goes. I've seen it do this more than any other intersection, ever in my life, during my 11 years living in Cinco. I assume that it will be addressed. But then today happens - spending over 30 minutes trying to turn left on to Cinco from Westheimer Pkwy trying not to eat all my kids french fries I just picked up at Chic Filet. (Or at least trim those Crape Myrtles so i don't lose satellite radio signal while waiting on the never changing light!)