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  • Pothole Archived
    1098 Joppa Rd Joppa, MD 21085, USA - Joppatowne
    at the corner of Trimble and rt.152 (on Trimble) going east, large pothole where you stop for the light
  • 409-499 Foster Knoll Dr Maryland - Joppatowne
    Work was done to the street art least a month ago and the hole was filled in with gravel. Due to the time and traffic going over it, it has sunk in considerably and your car hits it pretty hard. Should be permanently repaired or a steel plate put on top.
  • Pothole Archived
    Joppa Farm Rd & Garnett - Joppatowne
    This is an ongoing problem. The hole gets filled and within a week or two, the hole has sunk in again.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    415 Acadia Dr Maryland - Joppatowne
    Entire street is a complete sheet of ice and our road is a hill. Very dangerous.
  • Corner Of Trimble Rd And Rt. 24 - Edgewood
    There had been construction on trimble Rd, west of rt 40. Appears the work is done. Prior to the construction, when going east on trimble and stopping at the light to make a left onto rt. 24, you had a left turn lane. During the work, that lane was used instead for the oncoming traffic. It is now confusing since some people want to make the left from the old turn lane and others want to make it from the other lane. There is going to be an accident there if the lanes are not marked the way they were before the construction. Thanks.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    249 Foster Knoll Dr Maryland - Joppatowne
    Townhouses are on a county road and have not been plowed. Cars cannot get out of parking lots.
  • Pothole Archived
    Joppa Farm Rd And Garnett Joppa Maryland - Joppatowne
    Sink hole on Joppa Farm Rd near Garnett