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  • Debris Archived
    20430 Gardendale St Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Tree company placing tree trunks and limbs on City sidewalks blocking path. Dumping on streets and causing ongoing traffic problems. No-one can
  • 3500 E Brentwood St Detroit MI 48234, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Tree company that are cutting trees at this vacant property have tree debris blocking the city sidewalk and city street. Drivers can not get thru the street at Norfolk. This is a small street and at night neighbors are not able to see to back our of their driveways. It is now 5:23 PM and workers are still cutting limbs with a cherry picker. No dumpster is on property to haul away debris. Next City of Detroit Yard waste pick up is not until later in November.
  • Limbs down Archived
    20189 Picadilly Rd. Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI14
    Large tree limbs have just fallen.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    20100 Gardendale St Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Multiple limbs fell. Berm and Sidewalk blocked.
  • 20178 Stratford Rd Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Water is pouring out of hydrant.
  • 20177 Picadilly Rd Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    PICADILLY RD. - ICE COVERED STREET. is a blanket of ice. It is very dangerous. Cars sliding into parked vehicles. When will Salt trucks be scheduled? This street is also a FIRE ROUTE street. It is now dangerous for fire and emergency vehicles.
  • Tree Issue Acknowledged
    20189 Picadilly Rd. Deteoot MI 48221 - US Congressional District MI14
    The tree on the berm in front of my home is in desperate need of trimming to avoid personal property damage. Branches protrude to the street and have fallen on personal vehicle.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    20161 Gardendale Street Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    Location: 20402 Sheffield at Norfolk. Storm happened a couple of months ago
    Sidewalk block up-rooted from tree falling. With more people.out. This needs to be fixed. The stump is LOCATED ON THE BERM located on Norfolk at Sheffield.
  • 20189 Picadilly Road Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    20471 Gardendale - Detroit, MI 48221. Trash, furniture, toys etc. has been dumped on the curb a week ago. This was an eviction of rental property, however there never was a dumpster placed at the location. Instead unconcerned "owners" of this propoerty comtinues to make the community look bad. No type of pride on how this looks at all. Please find out who the owner is and tell them to arrange and pay for a special trash pickup
    The community should NOT have to look at this!
  • 20189 Picadilly Rd Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    Hyde Park ....triangular area between Warrington & Canterbury..All garbage receptibles OVERFLOWING with garbage. People have also illegally dumped trash in several areas in the Park. Neighbors have been out today trying to lift and dump inside plastic cans in plastic bags but they are too heavy. Can the City of Detroit please replace the inside plastic cans with taller ones that actually will fit better inside the metal receptibles? The trash overflows because the plastic inner liners are too short. All " five" at Hyde Park should be replaced. SIGNS POSTED BY GAZEBO STATES "No Dogs, Cars, Loitering and PARK CLOSES AT DUSK". Thank you in advance.