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    3549 Westhaven Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
    A few friends and I were in the Macon Mall. We walked past an older male Caucasian officer and he didn't say anything. We went farther away and he came up behind me and called my female friend a sir. This is understandable because sometimes she does. However, he told her her pants were to low and this was the second time and she had to get off mall grounds. I tried to calm them down and neither of them listened to me. My friend and I are 16. This gentlemen looked much older. No offense but I think he should of had some sense. Granted she was also disrespectful , the officer was also. He ignored me and kept making her even more upset. He told me my other friend and I didn't have to leave but this girl is my friend and i refused to leave her. I will admit my friend took it to far but as did the officer. We were leaving and I told him we were leaving through the food court and he constantly asked my friend which exit we were taking. He then called two other officers to escort us out and I told him it wasn't necessary. I am a young, mixed female who felt horribly embarrassed. We didn't deserve this. Please call me if you have any questions. I don't believe this man is mature enough to work there. There are so many different ways that could of gone. I may be young but I took psychology and I know how many ways that could of gone. There were so many peaceful alternatives but he chose the one where there would be a scene.