Carrye Holland

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  • No curbs Archived
    499 Stonewall St Memphis, TN 38112, USA - Midtown
    I have purchased a new home at 499 stonewall 38112 right in the shadow of the new crosstown development and there is no curb at all along the sidewalk in front of my home. This is a safety issue. Please advise.
  • 114-122 Prescott St Memphis, TN 38111, USA - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
  • Potholes Archived
    1718 Overton Park Ave Memphis, TN 38112, USA - Midtown
    When you are traveling east on Overton Park and cross Evergreen there is a really bad dip as you go through the light after you get through the intersection there is a severe pothole along with the dip which has the potential to do major damage to your tire if you hit it going too fast.