Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 745
  • 4075-4103 West 4000 South West Haven, Utah - West Haven

    There is a large pool of water that creates a large ice sheet every night when it freezes. It is dangerous for me to traverse on my bike AND motorists who are pulling out from it spin their tires when they try to pull out.

    Construction in the area cut a water line and this area is the valve used to shut off the break. The valve has begun to leak. I have video of an interaction with a construction worker if you doubt anything I have said.

    Please do something before someone is hurt.

  • 4203 South 1900 West Roy, Utah - Roy
    Possible accident causing debris in the bike lane (legitimate travel lane)
  • 3480 Hinckley Dr Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    Cardboard and wood with nails litter the shoulder. People are trying to safely navigate this on bicycles.
  • 1062-1098 W 3300 S Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    Lots of large metal rods litter the intersection
  • Striping Archived
    3955-3973 Midland Dr West Haven, Utah - West Haven

    This bike lane should be wider and more signage, at least toward the end of the project. A supervisor needs to check this out.

    This is possibly the worst bicycle infrastructure in 20 miles. Fix it or remove it.

  • Signage Archived
    4020 Midland Dr Roy, Utah - Roy
    The intersection is under construction and the road is not marked. East bound traffic turning left is using the opposing lane as the turn lane.