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  • 8 Best St Portland, Maine - Portland
    Household trash was placed in plain view at the curb before 6 AM and is still there.
  • Ice Condition Archived
    Brighton Ave And Warwick St Portland, Maine - Portland
    There is a very thick and wide layer of ice covering the end of Warwick St at the intersection with Brighton Ave. Cars have been sliding when turning onto Warwick from Brighton.
  • Street Signs Archived
    Pleasant Ave And Stevens Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    This intersection is posted for no turn on red. But some of the signs are way back from the intersection to the point people pass them and don't notice because they're busy watching the road as they approach the intersection. By the time they get to the light they don't know the signs are there and make turns on the red. Can't they be moved to a pole across the street as traffic faces the light so they can't be missed? There's a lot of kids crossing that intersection this time of year and cars are just turning anyway.
  • Campaign Sign Archived
    Catafalque Drive & Ocean Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    There is an oversized homemade campaign sign blocking the view of eastbound Ocean Ave traffic when exiting Payson Park. Can it be moved back about 6 feet?
  • Traffic Light Archived
    653 Stevens Avenue Portland, Maine - Portland
    The pedestrian crossing signal at Walton St & Stevens Ave has been activating on its own for the past week.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    942 Brighton Avenue Portland, Maine - Portland
    One of the green lights at Brighton Ave & Warwick street (as you drive east) is burned out.
  • Pothole Archived
    Mable Street Portland, Maine - Portland
    Multiple potholes, almost to the point of being tire cutters on Mabel Street from Leland to Best. Worse is in front of 43 Mabel St. Those have been patched before and the band aid has failed each time. The street has been in this condition for years and is way overdue to be properly surfaced once and for all.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Walton St & Forest Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    Light isn't turning green for Walton St traffic. Many drivers are getting discouraged and driving through the red to get across Forest Ave.
  • 43 Mabel St Portland, Maine - Portland
    Mabel St in front of #43 has multiple potholes what have been there for at least three years. Every time the city "fixes" them it's with cold patch that only lasts until the next rain or snow. They're tire and suspension killers and many times cars try to go around it. It's time to replace that section of the pavement because the band aids aren't cutting it.
  • Walk signal Archived
    Walton St And Forest Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    The walk signal has been self-activating (again) for the past 3 weeks.
  • Walton St & Forest Ave Portland, Maine - Portland
    Crossing signal is activating on its own. Originally reported on 2015-12-14 (Service Request ID: 49267). Problem was corrected and is back again. Suspect when someone pressed the button to activate the signal it put it back into a mode where it activates all the time.
  • Walton St And Forest Ave - Portland
    The crossing signal has been activating even when no pedestrians are present to push the button. This is a busy intersection and it causes additional delays and backups at times.