• 662 Tryens Rd Aston, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    This house is disgusting. All the other houses on the street are well taken care of and then there is this eyesore bringing down the value of all the other homes. There are broken down and rusted cars on the front yard. There is also a bunch of trash all over the place and the house is falling into disrepair. The city needs to slam down some ordinances on these a**holes and their house that is now a garbage dump.
  • Ridley Creek Rd And Kirk Ln - Upper Providence Township
    We need to have 2/3 stop signs removed. They impede the flow of traffic severely. The one for Kirk ln is fine but the ones on Ridley Creek Rd need to be removed. They were created for the new development that no one around wanted and is now a monumental eyesore. Please remove them so we can proceed on our routes without stopping in traffic that has no reason to be there.